ASTARIN Wind Chimes Outdoor Deep Tone,30 Inch Sympathy Wind Chimes Amazing Grace Tuned Soothing Relaxing Melody,Memorial Wind Chime for Mom Loved or Christmas Housewarming Decor Chime,Black

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Product Description

Astarin is professional wind chimes manufacture since 1929.

Every time the wind blows, you can image light and delightful notes spreading through a wide forest.

Enjoy peaceful melodies that play as a whisper in the wind - deep tone, rich and full of beauty.

The happiness of wind chimes can't be hide, have the joy of wind chimes!


It's reflective surface shines well in the light. Wonderful in any sunlit area of your home.

The Retro black Wind Chimes by Astrain is well worth the cost if you want a sweet and calming,beautiful amazing grace wind chimes by garden.

Loved you once,Love you still,Always have,Always will

Let Loving Memories Live On...with a Personalized Remembrance of Music driven By the wind.

Make a thoughtful and lasting gift.

You can create a unique one of a kind wind chime, A Wonderful & Thoughtful gift Flowers fad so quickly, but wind chimes play a soft musical reminder forever.

1 2 3 meditation wind chimes Rose
Collection Name Lifetree Memorial Romantic anniversary B07WJS5KW2 Elegant Meditation Golden Stars
Color Golden Purple Golden Black Rose Golden
Overall Length 36 Inches 36 Inches 35 Inches 45 Inches 36 Inches
Materials wood and aluminum aluminum aluminum aluminum beech and aluminum
Exclusive Deal
Sound Quality Amazing Grace Deep Tone Amazing Grace Deep Tone Deep Tone