Mooney Tunco A Gift from Heaven Pewter Memorial Wind Chime

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A gift from heaven is an exquisite pewter decorative wind chime. Packaged in a silver box with a midnight blue lining, the top of the wind chime is heart shaped topped with a ribbon. The ribbon and heart edge is engraved.I am with you always.I live in your heart.I speak to your soul.We are not far apart.When you feel a light breeze,Hear the songs the birds sing,Know that I see every smile,Your kindness can bring.I see you building your dreams...With wisdom and grace, and asking His guidanceWith each challenge you face.I am more than a memoryYou will feel our love grow. I am forever your angel...some things you just know.Please tell me your thoughts, Your hopes and your fears...and know that through faith,He will heal all your tears.For today, I can share...That in Heaven above,God has taken my hand,I am complete,I am LOVE!