Mother's Gift – Bamboo Cutting Board Design Poem Mom Gift Mother's Day Gift Birthday Christmas Gift Engraved Side For Décor Hanging Reverse Side For Usage (8.75x11.5 Rectangle)

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Color: Mothers Poem

Show your mother your love by giving her this beautifully custom engraved all natural, organic bamboo cutting board.

CRAFTED IN AMERICA - From sustainably sourced fast growing bamboo. Harder and sturdier than most woods and does not dull blades.

TWO SIDED - The Decor side is coated in a non-BPA food safe varnish and the letters are burned deep into the wood so they will not fade. Designed for Décor, Can be hung on the wall, displayed on a shelf or on the counter. The back side is left natural and designed for culinary cutting board usage, Cheese or appetizer serving tray, Engraved as shown only.

STRONG / DURABLE – This Bamboo cutting board measures 8.75” x 11.50” x 5/8" and weighs 1.5 lbs. providing enough space for vegetable chopping, slicing fruits, cheeses. This is a kitchen decor keepsake gift for your mother. Your mother will treasure this one as a garage décor or kitchen decor and hang it in her kitchen for years to come.

BEST CARE: The engraved side is coated with a food safe non-BPA varnish that has no odor and is Hand wash only with warm water and light soap and dry immediately! After it is washed and dried routinely use cutting board grade food safe mineral oil and/or conditioner to keep it moisturized and looking great for years to follow, never put any wood cutting board in the dishwasher.